MicroStrategy Continues with BTC Purchases

As per the latest reports, MicroStrategy made another strategic move in the Bitcoin (BTC) verse and against shocked the crypto-community. The business intelligence firm, which is non-crypto in nature has been making constant investments in acquiring BTC since 2020.

This time again, the firm has revealed that it has gone for another purchase of Bitcoin (BTC). The analysts have stated that the recent move made by MicroStrategy is a very smart one. The firm has used the current bearish run being experienced by Bitcoin (BTC) to its advantage and made another expensive investment.

The firm has been constantly making investments and adding more bitcoin (BTC) to its really large bitcoin (BTC) stash.

The all-time proponent and the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael J. Saylor has confirmed the latest reports. Saylor has confirmed that during the bearish run, MicroStrategy has spent a decent figure of $15 million in cash. As a result of the recent purchase, MicroStrategy has added 328 more BTC to its stash.

As per stats, on average, the company has spent $45,710 per BTC into acquiring a total of 328 BTC.

At the time of publishing, MicroStrategy has a total of $90,859 BTC under its possession. In total, the company has spent a large amount of $2.186 billion in accumulating such a high number of BTC.

The sources reveal that on average, MicroStrategy has spent $24,063 per BTC on amassing these many BTC. At the time of publishing, the total number of BTC MicroStrategy now has translated into $4.4 billion.

In the month of February, Bitcoin (BTC) managed to gather a 42% rally and at the time of publishing, its prices are above $49k per BTC.

Prior to the recent $15 million BTC, MicroStrategy claimed that it had acquired a large batch of 19,452 Bitcoin (BTC). At that time, the firm stated that on average, it had spent $52,756 per BTC in acquiring the huge BTC batch.

The firm also revealed the future plans that it is pursuing when it comes to Bitcoin (BTC) industry and adoption. MicroStrategy confirmed that it will continue investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and acquire more in the process.

Ever since the beginning of the Q3 of the year 2020, MicroStrategy has been involved in purchasing huge amounts of Bitcoin (BTC). The first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) purchase executed by MicroStrategy was back in August of 2020 and went on making the second in September 2020.

Then in October 2020, MicroStrategy spent another $40 million and towards the end of the year 2020, spent a huge amount of $650 million. As a result, MicroStrategy managed to stash a total of 70484 BTC in the year 2020. After that, the first investment MicroStrategy made in the year 2021 was for $10 million and acquired a total of 300 BTC in the process.