Oakland Athletics Is Now Accepting Bitcoin for Suites

It has been revealed that Oakland Athletics has now adopted cryptocurrencies in a unique fashion. The Oakland Athletics team has confirmed that it has done it before the commencement of the new season. The club has revealed that before the commencement of the new season, it wants to make a wonderful offer to its fans.

The announcement from Oakland Athletics is around the Bitcoin-friendly system to the fans of the team. Oakland Athletics is a famous baseball club from San Francisco East Bay. The particular team was also featured in the movie, Moneyball, which won the hearts of millions and ended up being nominated for an academy award in 2011.

The team has announced that the offer will be available for the fans until April 1, 2021. The club has revealed that for an entire season, it will be offering a suite that is for six persons. The team has announced that the interested fans will be able to pay for the suite with a single Bitcoin (BTC).

At the time of publishing, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is sitting at $57,653. The recent offer has come as a huge deal for the fans of the Oakland Athletics club as they will be able to make the best out of the deal.

If the fans want to get their hands on the suite, they are required to make a payment of $64,000. However, as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is comparatively lower than the fixed price for the suite, the fans are now looking at a discounted deal.

It was towards the end of December 2020, when Bitcoin (BTC) started experiencing a surge in its price and market capitalization. Since then, Bitcoin (BTC) has only gained a surge and even if it ended up experiencing a drop, it rebounded and gained even more value in the coming days.

At present, it is not the cryptocurrency industry that has understood the trend of Bitcoin (BTC). But even the non-crypto currency institutions have also gotten a hang of its nature and are trying to gain from it as much as they can.

This is exactly what Oakland Athletics had in mind when it went for the offer for its fans. This will not only bring in more customers to the suites but would also provide more exposure to the fans of the club.

Dave Kaval, who is the president at the Oakland Athletics club also talked about their recent adoption of Bitcoin (BTC). Kaval stated that the first reason behind doing this is because the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is currently hovering at an ideal figure.

Furthermore, it also allows the club to accept payments from the fans for the suites through a new payment method. On top of that, the club will be able to understand the mechanics of Bitcoin (BTC) and see what else it can do with the technology going forward.