Price Analysis for BOE, RMARS, and $CWOLF among Newly-Listed Cryptocurrencies

In the past 24-hours, the three cryptocurrencies that have been listed in the cryptocurrency verse are Brother of Elon (BOE), REDMARS (RMARS), and Cryptowolf Finance ($CWOLF). It may come as a shock to the investors of all three cryptocurrencies that all three of them performed badly ever since their listing.

The data shows that from the time of listing, the price of Brother of Elon has dived by 95.29%. The dive has dragged the price of BOE down to $0.00000005689 per BOE. When it comes to the trading volume for BOE, it is up by 39.61% for BOE in the past 24-hours, coming up to $276,546.

The plunge for BOE means that the bears are now selling BOE on a large scale. Even the bulls have moved into the bearish zone given the current condition of the digital asset. As of now, the valuation for BOE is at $12,335 and it is constantly diving as well.

The bulls don’t seem to be making any move in order to move its price in the upward direction. From the looks of it, there isn’t much support from the bears’ end when it comes to pushing its price after dragging it down to a certain price.

For now, the performance graph for BOE on TradingView shows that its price is going to experience no significant rise and it may end up hitting a “no value” price.

Coming up next is REDMARS that has experienced a 33.60% plunge in the past 24-hours. As for the past 60-minutes, REDMARS’ price has plunged by 0.56%, bringing its price down to $0.004153. This means that at present, the price for REDMARS has started to settle down.

As of now, the trading volume for REDMARS is up by 345.68%, bringing it all the way up to $484,635. This suggests that the bulls are still trying to support its price and bring it up. They are going for heavy purchases for REDMARS in order to increase its demand and bring it all the way up.

On the contrary, the bears are trying to plunge their price even more by increasing their selling activities. However, for now, it is the bulls that are trying to make a comeback with their buying power.

Then there is Cryptowolf Finance ($CWOLF) that has experienced an almost 30% plunge in its price since the launch. Even in the past 60-minutes, Cryptowolf Finance’s price has continued falling and as of now, its price is down to $10.17 per $CWOLF.

Following the dip, the trading volume for Cryptowolf Finance has surged by 43.32% coming up to $34,637,821. This means that the bears have started selling $CWOLF at a faster rate to bring its price even lower. For now, the trendline for Cryptowolf Finance is in the bearish zone, suggesting that the bulls may not make any move any time soon.