Trump Launches NFT Collection & A Chance To Dine With Ex-US President

Trump’s Surprising Initiative

Although crypto isn’t according to the taste of Donald Trump yet Non-Fungible Tokens have been able to attract ex-US President’s attention.

Throughout his election campaigns and during his tenure as the US President, Trump carried the slogan ‘Let’s make America great again’.

Even after his failure to resume office for the second term, he is still carrying along with the slogan. Recently, on 15th December, Trump announced the launching of his exclusive collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The initiative seems more surprising than commendable as Trump is not fond of an asset that is ‘digital’. On several occasions in the past and even today, he criticizes cryptocurrencies and particularly has a disliking for Bitcoin.

Irrespective of his peculiar stance against digital assets, Trump has made an announcement of launching his very own collection of NFTs.

He has launched the collection at the web portal called ‘’.

Partners with Polygon Blockchain

For the purposes of launching Trump’s NFT collection, the task was gladly taken by Polygon blockchain.

So if anybody is interested in obtaining Trump-exclusive NFTs, the person can mine collectible versions of Trump-cards from the Polygon network.

There is a reason behind Trump partnering with the Polygon network instead of utilizing other networks. Polygon is considered to be one of the best networks environmentally because it claims to be carbon-free and eco-friendly.

The launch was also verified by the Truth Social account held by Trump.

In the announcement, Trump revealed that he is ready to go digital and has been launching his NFT collection. He further said that the cards have rare properties and are unique in the sense that they comprise limited edition cards.

He further described that the NFTs contain some Art taken out from his social life and business career.

Trump further revealed on Truth Social that one NFT card collection would cost $99 only. He said that he is hopeful that his debut collection would be acquired by the Americans within no time.

Amazing Prizes

Trump-NFT collection also comes with several amazing surprises which shall be won by the buyers through a lottery system.

However, the buyers would not need to register for post-buy rewards. Instead, they would be automatically put into a draw.

The exclusive prize a lucky winner can earn is once in a lifetime opportunity of becoming Trump’s guest at a dinner.

The dinner shall be hosted by Trump himself at the globally popular resort owned by Trump, ‘Mar-A-Lago’ situated in Miami, Florida.

The second best prize is an hour-long Golf playtime with the 45th US President at Mar-A-Lago.

The website from where the NFT collection can be minted also features that for participating in the contest, the purchase is not mandatory.

Trump-NFT Collection Uplifts Crypto Supporters’ Morale

Trump’s initiative of launching his exclusive NFT collection also uplifted the morale of the majority of crypto supporters.

Soon after the announcement of the Trump-NFT launch, several crypto supporters appreciated Trump on social media platforms.

One of the commentators was The Wolf of All Streets himself namely Scott Melker. Melker responded to the NFT launch by saying that at first he disbelieved and then frustrated but later he was hopeful for the new beginning.

Guaranteed Reward for Exclusive Buyers

If someone buys a total of 45 cards, then the person will earn a ticket to join Trump at Gala Dinner automatically.

This entry into Gala Dinner would be rewarded to the person without the formality of entering into any contest.

The former president is eager to fight against Joe Biden in the mid-term elections. He is going to make sure that he wins back his position at the office.

Donald Trump has always been in the public and has always caught the attention of people. It will not be difficult for him to move people to his side this time around as well.