Unlucky Bitcoiner Losing 7,500 BTC Refuses To Lay Down Hopes

An accident that almost gave a heart attack to James Howells of the UK could become a life-changing incident of his life. After losing his 7,500 units of Bitcoins, Howells has now come up with a new plan to recover his lost coins lying underneath the piles of waste of approximately 3 to 4 hundred thousand tons at one of the landfill sites in Newport, UK.

James Howells is a very familiar name in the global crypto space. The reason why he is known by all is not that he is some kind of a celebrity. Instead, he is known for being one of the initial acquirers of Bitcoin who had accidentally lost approximately 7,500 Bitcoin units.

Howells’s story is one of a kind. According to Howells he owned and possessed about 7,500 Bitcoin units. These Bitcoins he had kept in his old computer. When he was trying to get rid of some old stuff, he accidentally threw away the hard disc containing these Bitcoins in 2013. According to him, he had thrown the hard disc in the garbage, and ultimately the disc would have been one of the landfill sites.

It has been over 7 years that he is trying to recover his lost disc containing Bitcoins worth more than US$ 246 Million. He is a resident of Newport, UK, and has recently told The Sun, a news agency, that he has devised a new plan. The plant he told is a digging and excavating plan for 12 months. He has suggested that for searching his lost hard disc he will be relying on AI technology and x-ray based devices. He affirmed that this time the search would be like a proper and thorough search.

Howell told further that the search is of a very sensitive nature. He said that while using x-ray devices, he needs to make sure that he does not damage the data contained in the hard disc. He is however not sure also about the state of the hard disc as well. But he is willing to take his chances to search for his lost Bitcoins. He also informed that even if the hard disc is found in a damaged state, he would be able to retrieve the data without harm. According to him, he has been meeting with data recovery experts for the past couple of months. They have ensured him that they would most likely be able to get the data out safely even if the disc is damaged.

He has further told that the excavation will cost him a great deal of money. He is expecting that he has to deal with some 3 to 4 hundred thousand tons of waste in order to retrieve his old hard drive. However, a hedge fund has ensured him about the costs of excavation depending on his success.

Howell is certain that his lost hard drive is located somewhere in the 200-meter area at the site. However, he is expecting to dig up the area by 15 meters approximately. Although this is a massive task but is worth doing.