Meta Extends Its Metaverse Experience To Hong Kong

According to reports, Meta is taking its metaverse experience to Hong Kong. Meta will showcase its augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences in the state. This will show the people the benefits of the metaverse in their daily lives.

Meta To Collaborate With Cafes, Schools, And Art Institutions 

The company plans to promote and showcase its metaverse gadgets in schools and cafes. According to South Morning China Post, the company will partner with various institutions. 

Also, the tech company will collaborate with art institutions, schools, and cafes. Through this partnership, it will allow users to have a feel of what the metaverse is. 

An example of such experiences is its VR exhibitions and AR training. Schools will get to enjoy the usage of VR and AR in the educational environment. 

Additionally, Meta will be working on its NFTs. The company is working on ways to integrate NFTs into its famous photo-sharing app, Instagram.

Recall the company noted that it would introduce NFTs on its platforms, Facebook and Instagram. It would allow local NFT creators to upload their creations on Instagram.

Furthermore, Hong Kong is becoming a top spot for testing and using NFTs. This is because it has a tech-savvy population. Hence, companies come there to test their NFTs and deploy new strategies. 

Meta Is Ready To Compete With Other Metaverse Driven Firms

Currently, several companies are spending billions of dollars on their metaverse mission. The goal is to ensure that they take the spotlight in the industry. Among these companies is Meta.

In 2021, Facebook rebranded its name to Meta to align with its metaverse goal. Also, the company has released the Oculus, a VR headset, to enjoy the metaverse experience. 

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the company is looking at how to shape the digital world. One of the ways he highlighted is through the use of voice. However, most of this is still in the developmental phase.

Although Meta is considering the usage of NFTs on its platform, others have dismissed it. One of such companies is Microsoft.  Recently, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, referred to NFTs as the “greater fool theory.” He believes that NFTs are worthless and no one should invest in them. 

The metaverse dream is a long shot. However, Meta and Zuckerberg are willing to take a bet on it. They believe that Meta will lead the nascent industry when it fully launches. According to statistics, Meta would be worth more than $600 billion in 2030.

Meanwhile, there will be serious competition from other companies. Notable among them is Microsoft. This is because both firms are working on almost similar projects.